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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how to create online advertisment, will someone do it for me?

Creating online adverstisement-FQA is similar to filling an online form.You simply need to select options mention your ad and contact details. You need to ‘Add New Post’ and click on ‘Publish’. If you require further assistance, we shall guide you.


How will people contact me or reply to my job post?

Viewers can reply directly to your contact details shared (website,email,phone numbers etc). You can also share more information, interact and reply to visitors in the comments section.


How long does it take for a FQA – classified post to be online?

Your submitted classified posts are published online within a few hours.


What must be the picture size?

Pictures are displayed as banners at the top of FQA post and as thumbnails in job post excerpts. There is no limit to the size of your picture. But we recommend a maximum passport picture size of 300 x 300 px and Thumbnail size (150 x 150 px) (jpeg, png format) for website design and consistency.


Great, but can I edit my FQA posts once it has been published?

Yes, you can. You can update your FQA posts (content and picture only) multiple number of times. You can create a new FQA post or edit your published post.


Can I post multiple FQA posts ?

We only recommend posting unique resume posts to control spam. Publication dates of profile posts and post titles once published should not be altered, though content may be edited. Each publication is counted as one post.


Do you also offer customised advertisement/ yellowpages services for professionals?

Yes, customised services will be available soon. Keep checking this page for further updates.
For Advertisement on our website, kindly leave a message on contact page.


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